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"Gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for getting the right [documents] to me that we submitted to the IRS showing that I had satisfied my alimony requirements … …The tax court accepted this information and declared that I have no tax liability. I cannot thank you both enough for your great and timely assistance."

- Client, complex financial issue dissolution

"Richard and his firm provided professional and insightful legal advice and service in my custody dispute and were responsive throughout the process. The achieved a positive result and were accessible throughout the process."

- Client, complex contested custody case

"Richard is one of the finest attorneys I know working within the field of family law. Every client of Richard's that I know has expressed the highest praise and utmost confidence in his skill, knowledge of the law, and powers of persuasion. I could not recommend any lawyer more highly."

- Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

"I have the highest regard for Richard. He demands excellence of himself and all those who work with him."

- Illinois family law attorney

"The man for complex California Family Law issues"

- Georgia family law attorney

"I would recommend Richard Saltman to anyone who needs an attorney. He is efficient, reliable, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. He is off the charts & I am very pleased with his work. He meets every expectation & I would be happy to tell people about him."

- Child custody client

Why Consider GSLO?


  • With ingenuity, the GSLO team guides and teaches clients to face the other party and address the real world issues by improvising simple solutions to complex matters.
  • We remove the "mystery" from family law, to reduce our clients' anxiety, and to let them make better-informed decisions.
  • The knowledge to "make do" with what you have is how GSLO sets itself part. Our Lead Counsel is the "MacGyver Family Lawyer" because he's just plain cleverer than most.
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Get To Know GSLO


  • Balanced Lawyering
    Being mindful of applying the right skill and resource to each aspect of your case is key to managing your legal bills and a cornerstone of how we operate at GSLO.
  • Adaptable Language
    To be understood and connect, we've mastered the craft of adapting language to each audience where cases are won & lost.
  • Ingenuity, When It Matters
  • Beyond Intelligence
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